Psy265_Childhood Development and Sexual Behavior

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Unformatted text preview: Sexual behaviors in children actually begin in the womb. A well experienced imaging tech can decipher when a male fetus is having an erection. Some boys are also born with erections. Infants suck their thumbs to gain nourishment, which is a necessity for survival. However, Sigmund Freud had a theory that infants also received sensual pleasures from sucking their fingers, pacifiers, nipples, and whatever else can be put in their mouth. Infants may also get stimulation from a parent changing them, or bathing them. Infant girls also become sexually aroused, but it is not an obvious as boys are. Girls may have vaginal lubrication, and genital swelling. Early childhood is a bit different. Children become curious, and boys & girls start to notice they have different body parts. They may start to show each other their different body parts. Children also begin to masturbate. Unlike infants, children who are at the “early childhood” stage know how to voluntarily move their arms. So, they can use different objects to masturbate, i.e a doll, or soft toy. voluntarily move their arms....
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