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Psy265_Methods of Contraception - There are various...

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There are various opinions for contraceptives today. In the case if Tina and Dan they would like to start a within a year. So, intrauterine devices would not be the best thing for Tina. Since this is best used for long term. Tina’s best bet would be the “the pill,” a.k.a oral contraceptives, diaphragm, spermicidal, condoms, the withdrawal method, and fertility awareness methods. Then there is Linda who is the total opposite of Tina. Linda is single, she has been sexually active, and she isn’t ready to become a mother just yet. I will explain how Tina and Linda can use contraceptives to make them work for them in different ways. “The pill, “a.k.a oral contraceptives can be beneficial for both Tina, and Linda. Oral contraceptives contain sex hormones that you take orally. They are a combination of pills that contains synthetic esgfogen and progesterone. When on the pill women have over a 99% chance of not being able to conceive. The pill would be great for Tina, because she could take them until she is ready to have a baby. Once Tina was to stop taking them she will be able to conceive. An advantage of the pill it does not interfere with sexual activities. Other advantages are reduced risk of pelvic inflammatory disease, benign ovarian cysts, and fibrocystic breast growths. Like advantages there are disadvantages. When taking oral
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Psy265_Methods of Contraception - There are various...

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