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Where do babies come from? One of the hardest questions for a parent to answer. Right now I will keep it simple. Babies come from mommy belly. Once asked how they get in there I will say Santa Clause put a present for mommy in her belly. However, I know that story will not be good enough for every. So, I will be creative and give the sperm, and the egg names. This is something like how it will go. This is the story about Chol , and Lamar. Lamar will be the sperm, and Chol will be the egg. ѐ ѐ There is a lot that happens before Lamar and Chol actually get to meet. Lamar is a little tiny male sex ѐ cell. If I was to get a microscope to show you Lamar, he would look like a tiny tadpole. The process begins Lamar life in the seminiferous tubules inside of the testes. The testes are where Lamar has matured over approximately 72 days. There is a lot going on before Lamar can be ejaculated. Lamar moves to the epididymis. This is where he will wait for a push to go to the urethra. When pushed into the urethra Lamar is mixed with a secretion from the prostate gland containing substances that facilitate his long journey to the Chloe’s ovum. Lamar is then met with the prostate secretion. The prostate secretion is discharged with great force of the contractions of the pelvic muscles. Once contractions from the pelvic
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Psy265_the sperm and the egg - Where do babies come from...

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