Sci241_ Healthy Eating Plan Comparison

Sci241_ Healthy Eating Plan Comparison - Healthy Eating...

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iopasdfghjklzxcvbnmrtyuiopasdfghjklzxcvb Healthy Eating Plan Comparison Sci 241 5/30/2010 Bonita Martin In the beginning of this course I did week one, and two assignments and swore I would change my eating habits. Well I haven’t. I have taking on a unhealthy eating habit. I try to only eat once a day. I do this to control my calorie intake. Throughout the day I snack frequently, and drink soda. I have been trying to cut back and have lost 10 pounds. However, If I eat more than one meal the weight comes right back. I know this is not a right way to eat, but I have become a little on the desperate side. According to United States Department of Agriculture (2010), I am eating roughly 1700 calories and the recommended amount is 2391. I am doing o.k. with protein. I am currently consuming roughly 55 grams, and the recommended amount is 46 grams. I am eating too many carbohydrates. My carbohydrate intake is 256 grams, and the recommendation amount is 130 grams. My Fiber intake is nine grams, and the recommended amount is 25 grams. I am also consuming a good amount of total fat grams. The recommended amount is between 38.8- 68 grams, and I am consuming 58 grams. I am also doing o.k with saturated fats. The recommended daily amount is less than 19.4 grams. My intake is around 11.4. My cholesterol is also below the recommended amount. I consumed roughly 205mg, and the recommended amount 300mg. I am lacking Iron, Vitamin A & E; however, I am consuming too much Vitamin C, and Sodium. In this paper I will break down the pros, and cons of my nutritional data. Explaining the benefits, and harms of eating food with too little or too much of the above vitamins and minerals. Eating to many calories can lead to weight gain. If one was consuming large amounts of calories to gain weight; weight can be accomplished my eating more, exercising, and protein. Eating to little
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calories can lead to malnutrition, and may lead to eating disorder. After doing the calorie counter I am suppose to have a 2098 calorie a day intake. However, I have become interested in a new diet. The cookie diet. The whole idea is to only consume 1000-1200 calories a day. With the cookie diet you are suppose to eat six cookies throughout the day when I would feel hungry. Then for dinner I eat a 500-700 calorie healthy meal. The cookie diet actually works. However, the cookies are nasty of course. In the first week
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Sci241_ Healthy Eating Plan Comparison - Healthy Eating...

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