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sci241_ Human Digestion - stomach The liver an organ in the...

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According to the diagram everything starts with the mouth, then the teeth which takes the bite. The tonuge is for mixing everything up (saliva& food), and helps it get in place to go down your throat. So, even bofre all of that what do you thing gets your saliva glands going? The smell! This sometimes will even make your stomach growl alittle. This is telling you your hungry. When I mention the throat it is a little more complex then that. You have the pharynx, epiglottis, and the esophagus. The Pharynx is a passage that your food, and air way share. That is the first place it goes once swallowed. Then is passes the Epoglottis. This is a little flap that keeps food from entering the lungs. Then it passes the esophagus. This connects to the pharnx and the stomach together. Once your food is past the esophagus it is now in the stomach. The liver, and gallbladder is to the right of the
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Unformatted text preview: stomach. The liver an organ in the abdomina that secretes bile for fat digestion and absorption. The gallbladder stores the bile. The pancreas is also in our abdominal cavity. The pancreas is under the stomach. The pancreas secretes digestive enzymes, and bicarbonate into the small intense during digestion. Once the food stomach ( digestive tract that mixes food/ juices/ and what ever else with the secretes gastric juice) it then goes into the small intestine( looks like sauages links. This is where nutiention is absorbed.) and travel all through them, and then enters the large intestine (The is where water, and vitamin absorbation takes place. The large intense includes your colon, and rectum.), and this then you have the urge that you have bowel movment through your anus (This is the last stop for your digestive system ....
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