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sci275_Energy Resource Challenges

sci275_Energy Resource Challenges - commonly found anywhere...

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In the beginning the video presented us with wind power, then solar power, and then finally biomass fermentation. Wind power is the large towers we may see often on the highway with large propellers that are called wind turbines. Wind turbines are used to produce electricity. Then there is solar power. In the video the narrator explained that solar panels are becoming more affordable. Also, they show a man who put solar panels around his entire home, and he is not selling energy to the electricity company. Then finally there is biomass fermentation. Farmers have been using corn, and grains to produce ethanol. There are a few challenges with these natural energy resources. Wind turbines are commonly found near a high way, because of the open space. These turbines route and need a large space in between them, and they can be a bit noisy. This is why they are not
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Unformatted text preview: commonly found anywhere near residential areas. Solar power is still being look upon as a fad. Solar panels have been around for awhile. However, when they where initially introduced to the world they were beyond reach financially for most Americans. They are still estimated to me in the thousands. Then there is biomass fermentation. The challenge is that farmer are using the corn and grain for ethanol, and neglecting the consumers of corn and grains to eat. A upcoming resource is cow dung. Biogas from the manure fuels a large generator and which in turn, produces electricity for local residents. 1. Maintaining and monitoring natural gas’s to prevent leaks and explosions 2. It is said we have used up the majority of oil, not the challenge is how do we find more. 3. Coal leaks carbon monoxide into the atmosphere, which contributes to global warming....
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