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View the Ch. 7 Alien Invasion VLR located under the Week Four Materials section of your student web page. Post a 200- to 300-word response to the following: Explain the four factors that produce changes in population size. Which factors are affecting the population size in the video? What do you predict will happen to the nutria population after all the land is depleted of the nutrias’ food resource? Birth Rate is number one. Birth rates change depending on the economy, if the parents have health care, and family planning (how available birth control is).) Death Rate is number two reason for population size. There are numerous reasons for death rates. A few include lack of food and water (This is vital for everyone, but especial for people in hot climates or very cold climates,) suicide (high rate of suicides around the holiday seasons,) lack of medical attention, car accidents, crime, and disease. Immigration is
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Unformatted text preview: number three. This is pretty basic people entering a country. There are numerous reasons to enter another country. Education is a big reason, then follows the freedom to say and do as you please (that is in accordance to the laws,) and of course employment opportunity. Emigration is the last one. This is people leaving a country. Example: citizens of Afghanistan, and Iraq leaving to immigrate to the U.S.A. The immigration of the Nutria is affecting the population problem. In the video it was said they can breed some thirty babies a month, and they start breeding at six months old. Once the Nutria has depleted all of the land they will migrate some where else. Like in the last assignment the Nutria have over the years developed webbed feet, because of the environment there were in. One the land is completely destroyed, and it is just water they will move one to greener pastures....
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