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sci275_risk assessment - To the Genericville City Council:...

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Unformatted text preview: To the Genericville City Council: I will make my decision known immediately. I am voting for the malathion insecticide spray. I have done my research, evaluating the risk the city council would be taking not using the pesticide. The general public health is number one. There have been more deaths from the West Nile Virus in the U.S.A than there have been illnesses related to malathion. Without the malathion spray we face a mosquito infectious. According to U.S ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY (2009) EPA has estimated the exposure and risks to both adults and children posed by ULV aerial and ground applications of malathion. Because of the very small amount of active ingredient released per acre of ground, the estimates found that for all scenarios considered, exposures were several times below an amount that might pose a health concern. These estimates assumed that a toddler would ingest some soil and grass in addition to skin and inhalation exposure. However, at high doses, malathion, like other organophosphates, can over stimulate the nervous system causing nausea, dizziness, or confusion. Severe high-dose poisoning with any organophosphate can cause convulsions, respiratory paralysis, and death. With this being mentioned I also have to mention that malathion sprays over urban, suburban,...
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sci275_risk assessment - To the Genericville City Council:...

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