Sci275_Water Resource Plan

Sci275_Water Resource Plan - I chose Part A of this...

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I chose Part A of this assignment. I feel the water resource problem here is overfishing. In the video “Declining Fish Stock VLR,” the fisher men Pete Dupuis talks about fishing boats, and who he believes there is no problem. Pete Dupuis claims that he is catching more fish then ever. However, I beg to differ. Based on the studies fish fleets have taken about 90% of big fish out of the ocean. The remaining 10 % is what the fishermen fight/ compete for. It is reported that over fishing is more toxic then human dumping, other pollution, and damaging water quality. Dupuis says his fishing boat can carry roughly 20,000 pounds of Sword fish (estimated couple hundred fish.) Jeremy Jackson of the Scripps Institute of Oceanography also disagrees with Pete Dupuis statement. Jackson brings up valid points. Jackson feels fishermen can not continue to fish at such a high rate without consequence. However, he feels the damage is reversal. The biggest problem is fishermen like Pete Dupuis goes for the big fish, the
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Sci275_Water Resource Plan - I chose Part A of this...

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