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physical and wellness - Dietetic Association says the two...

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NEGATIVE PREJUDICES ON HIGH- FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP In this article author Tara Parker- Pope points out argumentations regarding Sweeteners. Ms. Parker mentions that the high-fructose corn syrup is listed by majority of Americans as the infamous corn sweetener. They worry about the possibility of its negative effects to the human. Because of these negative prejudices, food producers are working on elimination of corn syrup sweetener which is used in ketchup and crackers and replacing it with beet and cane sugar. Even the Corn Refiners Association suggested to change its name as `corn sugar`. Food experts for example; Michael Jacobson claims that people have been misled into thinking that high-fructose corn syrup is totally harmful. However, ``The American
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Unformatted text preview: Dietetic Association says the two sweeteners are nutritionally equivalent and indistinguishable once absorbed in the bloodstream``. In brief, Experiments couldnt prove that it leads to more harm than the regular sugar. Regular sugar and from high-fructose corn syrup is equally harmful. High sugar consumption has been linked to obesity and other health concerns but it means, people `s diet must be reorganized in terms of proportion of consumption. Lastly, all negative prejudices gotten from news traveling on the grapevine must be reevaluated. The experts mustnt be ignored. MEHMET DOGAN B00277755...
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physical and wellness - Dietetic Association says the two...

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