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History 448/548 Fall 2010 Dr. Martin Paper I – Causes of the French Revolution Papers must be 4-6 pages long (6-8 pages for graduate students), double-spaced, 12 point font, proof-read, spell-checked. French majors must write theirs in French. October 4 – Rough Draft Due in Class (bring 2 copies, double sided) October 8 - Paper are due at Midnight in the Turn it in Drop box on Angel YOU MUST PUT YOUR BANNER ID NUMBER ONLY on final copy A successful essay will do the following: 1) Clearly state your argument in the opening paragraph (thesis statement) 2) Support your argument throughout the paper with quotes and examples 3) Use correct footnote/endnote format (Chicago style, see library website) 4) Be attentive to grammar and style Topics for Undergrads/Grads 1) What role does the King and/or Queen play in the origins of the Revolution and its lasting chance for success? (use Jones, Darnton, Bailey and/or Hunt)
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Unformatted text preview: 2) What role did public opinion play in the causes of the Revolution? (use Jones and Darnton) 3) What roles did the nobility play in the coming of the Revolution? Can we understand the revolution without explaining the hatred of the privileged that exploded in 1788? (Jones, Bailey, Bell and Lucas for grads) 4) Is the Revolution itself about a break from the past or a continuation with it? In what ways is it both? (Jones and Bailey) 5) What roles do women take in the Revolution and how are they limited in their voices? (De Gouges and Gay Levy and Applewhite, Scott for Grads) Just for Grads 6) What is the aristocratic reaction and how does both Darnton and Lucas argue against it. Does either convincingly make “estate” conflict go away? (Darnton, Lucas and Jones)...
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