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Take Home Quiz 2 - Take Home Quiz 2 James Lullo Illinois...

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Take Home Quiz 2 James Lullo Illinois Central Industries (1962) Pepsi Beverages Company (2010) Wednesday, October 06, 2010 1:19 PM IC Industries Formed as Illinois Central Industries in 1962 Purchased Abex Corp in 1968 1970's - Bought Pepsi-Cola General Bottlers Inc. of Chicago, Midas International Corp. Changed name to IC Industries in 1975 1980's - Changed name to Whitman Corp . sold original business (RR) Acquired PepsiAmericas Inc. in 2001, and adopted their name In the early days of its formation, Illinois Central Industries focused on railroad products for its parent company, Illinois Central Railroad. The acquisition of the Abex corp. in 1968 signaled a transformation from a strictly railway focused firm, to one trying to diversify. The company began to produce brake parts for automobiles as well. With the purchase of Pepsi-Cola General Bottlers Inc. of Chicago the firm set itself on a course which would lead to its primary business functions today. Now named the Whitman Corp., the firm began to focus on bottling of soft drinks among other things, selling off Illinois Central.
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