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Question 1 Multiple Choice 0.5 points Which of the following is true regarding catabolic pathways? They do not depend on enzymes. They consume energy to build up polymers from monomers. They lead to the synthesis of catabolic compounds. They release energy as they degrade polymers to monomers. Question 2 Multiple Choice 0.5 points Which of the following is the most randomized form of energy? light energy thermal (heat) energy electrical energy chemical potential energy Question 3 Multiple Choice
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Unformatted text preview: 0.5 points Molecules capable of interacting must first overcome a thermodynamic barrier known as the reaction's entropy. endothermic level. activation energy free-energy content Question 4 Multiple Choice 0.5 points During a laboratory experiment, you discover that an enzyme-catalyzed reaction has a D G of -20 kcal/mol. You double the amount of enzyme in the reaction, and the D G now equals -40 kcal/mol. +20 kcal/mol. 0 kcal/mol. -20 kcal/mol. D, b, c, d...
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