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Question 1 Multiple Choice 0.5 points Binding of a signal molecule to which type of receptor leads most directly to a change in membrane potential? tyrosine-kinase receptor phosphorylated tyrosine-kinase dimer G-protein-linked receptor ligand-gated ion channel Question 2 Multiple Choice 0.5 points Which of the following are widely used second messengers in signal- transduction pathways? calcium ions cyclic AMP nitric oxide Answers 1 and 2 are correct. Question 3 Multiple Choice 0.5 points A selective advantage of cell signaling is
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Unformatted text preview: that it allowed some organisms to evolve without having a nervous system to ensure proper timing of communication between cells in different parts of an organism. to ensure that crucial activities occur in the right cells at the right time. All the preceding answers are correct. Question 4 Multiple Choice 0.5 points Which of the following signal systems use(s) G-protein-linked receptors? yeast mating factors epinephrine neurotransmitters All of the above answers are correct. All d’s...
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