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Question 1 Multiple Choice 0.5 points Picture a typical vertebrate neuron with the usual concentrations of Na+, K+, Cl-, and other ions in the extracellular and intracellular fluid. Initially, the only open ion channels in plasma membrane are a small number of K+ channels. Suddenly, a large number of Na+ selective ion channels open. With the Na+ channels open, which one of the following statements would be true? The inside of the neuron would be electrically negative with respect to the outside of the neuron. The electrical potential of the inside and outside of the neuron would be the same. Na+ ions would flow out of the neuron down the Na+ concentration gradient. Na+ ions would flow into the neuron down the electrical gradient. None of the above statements is correct. Question 2 True/False 0.5 points Indicate whether the following statement is true or false. “If a cell membrane was permeable to only one ion and the concentration of that ion was different inside vs. outside the cell, then an electrical potential difference will develop
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