sample3 - Chemistry 105a Professor Mak Summer 2004 Hour...

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Chemistry 105a Name Professor Mak SS# Summer 2004 Lab T.A.'s Name Hour Exam 3 Lab Day & Time First Letter of Family Name Question Points Score Grader 1 40 2 12 3 16 4 10 5 12 6 10 TOTAL 100 Instructions: 1. There are a total of eleven (11) pages. Count the pages before you begin. 2. You must show your work to receive full credit (except for multiple choice questions). 3. If necessary, please continue your solutions on the back of the preceding page (facing you). 4. Do not use blue or red pens. ACADEMIC INTEGRITY (Please sign below) : I certify that I have observed all the rules of ACADEMIC INTEGRITY while taking this exam. (signature)
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2 1. (4 points each) For each of the following multiple choice questions, circle the letter for the most correct answer. Do not circle more than one answer. (a) The l quantum number of an atomic orbital primarily describes a. the size of the orbital. b. the shape of the orbital. c. the orientation of the orbital. d. the spin of the orbital. e. None of the above. (b) Which of the following types of electromagnetic radiation has the longest wavelength? a. microwave b. x-ray c. infrared light d. radio wave e. ultraviolet light (c) Which of the following experiments demonstrates the particle nature of light? a. x-ray diffraction b. the Doppler effect c. blackbody radiation d. low-energy electron diffraction e. the double slit experiment (d) How many radial nodes does a 4s wavefunction have?
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sample3 - Chemistry 105a Professor Mak Summer 2004 Hour...

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