fall 2007-lecture 1


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Unformatted text preview: “ – Social skills and interpersonal relationships Ability to cope with stress Promotes life stability and happiness Most underrated risk factor for disease Intellectual/Mental Health Keeping the mind active Increase in cognitive and physical longevity – NintendoΒ­Brain Age and Big Brain Academy Negative effects of TV Development of self confidence Environmental Health Awareness of place in ecosystem – – – air pollution carcinogens personal responsibility Ties with Physical Health – altitude training – exercise in extreme temperatures Social and Occupational Health Social – Development and maintenance of meaningful interpersonal relationships – Close tie with emotional health – Competence – Societal contribution Occupational Spiritual Health Development and practice of personal values and ethics – – – Life Purpose Prayer Altruism Close tie with emotional health Sedentary Death Syndrome Healthy People Initiative Due to worldwide health decline Goal to improve nationwide Wellness ⇓ preventable death, disability, disease Focus on Physical Activity Personal responsibility Health benefits for all Shift from treatment to prevention β‡’ ⇑ HLE...
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