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Movement Analysis Events vs. phases General principles of the gait cycle Calculations from lab 1 Bony landmarks: all of the ones we have covered. Ideal posture: 1. Where joint centers and bony landmarks should be in reference to the plumb line 2. How to perform a postural analysis a. Understand kyphosis / lordosis / flat back b. Shoulder / scapular postural problems c. Tightness / weakness of muscles that may lead to postural imbalances Range of motion tests: Know all covered in lab handouts Muscle Testing You should know the exact location of insertion / origin / action of the following muscles. You may be asked to perform a muscle test on the muscles in bold. Keep in mind you may still be asked questions on other muscles, but do not need to know their exact origin / insertion. 1. Sternocleidomastoid 2. Rectus abdominus (RA)
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Internal obliques 4. External obliques 5. Quadratus Lumborum 6. Levator Scapulae 7. Rhomboids (minor & major) 8. Trapezius Upper Middle Lower 9. Serratus anterior 10. Supraspinatus and Middle Deltoid 11. Anterior and Posterior Deltoid 12. Teres Major 13. Pectoralis Major, Upper and Lower portions 14. Latissimus dorsi 15. Shoulder Medial Rotators 16. Shoulder Lateral Rotators 17. Brachialis 18. Biceps Brachii 19. Brachioradialis 20. Triceps Brachii 21. Supinator Page 1 of 2 v. Pronator teres 23. Flexor digitorum superfi 24. Flexor carpi radialis 25. Flexor carpi ulnaris 26. Extensor pollicis longus 27. Flexor pollicis longus Drawings All shoulder, shoulder girdle, and elbow (pronation, supination, flexion, extension) muscles. Page 2 of 2...
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Practical_Review - 3. Internal obliques 4. External...

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