midterm review

midterm review - Understanding energy pathways -ATP/CP...

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Understanding energy pathways -ATP/CP (<=30sec) @ >100% intensity Anaerobic (60-120+ sec) @ 80-100% Aerobic (>4-5min) >= 80% History 1967 drug testing adopted Anabolic steroids commercially available 1958, dianabol first. (Ciba Pharmaceutical) Amphetamines were 1st Performance Enhancing Drug available, 1937. Brought home in 1945 by soldiers and used in football. Therapeutic vs. excessive G.D.R first followed by USSR Anabolic was second drug used by football, late 1960s IOC says doesn’t matter how it gets in, you are responsible if u get caught. Athlete can get a medical waiver for therapeutic beta 2 agonist DSHEA- congress passed it. Research design Worst is testimonial Methodological issues Anabolic- builds up Androgenic- masculinizing Transdermal, tablets, nasal spray, Clinical uses- anemia, cancer, HIV, etc Typical wt. gain is 6-8lbs, some is muscle Work by anticatabolic and anabolic. Stacking.
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midterm review - Understanding energy pathways -ATP/CP...

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