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PROJECTS 2D / Compare-Contrast / Significant Problem Solid rationale  (Why? Who cares?)  / hypothesis testing Begin to read critically - think critically - become a “mythbuster” -  begin to ask “Really?”   http://www.coreperformance.com/video/ http://www.nsca-lift.org/videos/Bent%20Over%20Row/defaultbentoverrow. What is the mechanical objective of the task? How is it being achieved? What are the Forces Involved? Motion observed? Assess @: Total body level -> joint level -> segment level
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Project Proposals Title of the project Purpose Rationale / Background / Significance Hypothesis / Hypotheses Methods Data Collection: movement(s) / tasks / plane(s) /
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Unformatted text preview: field of view / conditions Variables Experimental Design (w/in subject - b/w task) Projectile Motion Projectile Motion Reader: p. 72 - 80 TBCM trajectory during free-fall (flight) is a function of the forces applied prior to the projection (i.e. during take-off) Assuming air resistance is negligible ( 2245 ), the only forces acting on the TBCM during flight is BW Take-off angle is a function of Vh & Vv at take-off Vertical Vertical a = 9.81 m/s a = 9.81 m/s Horizontal Horizontal a = 0 m/s a = 0 m/s...
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408(F'10)_Projects-ProjectileMotion - field of view /...

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