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FALL 2010---INTRODUCTION TO OCEANOGRAPHY--- GEOL 107 Study Guide #1 Note: these guides are designed to help you decide what is important to know from the lecture and book material. They may not cover every single topic I might ask about on an exam, but they cover most topics. -Egyptians, Minoans, Phoenicians, Polynesians—who ‘invented’ oceanography? -Why did these early cultures explore the ocean? -What did Eratosthenes contribute to oceanography? -How did the loss of Eratosthenes’ work affect oceanographers over 1000 years later? -The age of European exploration of the oceans and foreign lands took place over what general time period? Name some of the well-known European explorers of this era. -The modern era of oceanography may be considered to have started with the cruises of the Challenger, T or F, why? What was one important discovery made on the Challenger? -Explain the ‘Red Shift’ Phenomena.
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Unformatted text preview: -Did our solar system form at the same time? What is the general age of our solar system? How do we know this?-How did the Earth form?-What differentiates the core from the mantle from the crust?-Where did the water on earth come from? Terms A. Hancock Echo Sounding Trawl net Gulf Stream Chronometer Circumference of Earth Differentiation Fusion-Nucleosynthesis 14 billion years ago 4.5 billion years ago Heavy and light elements Core, Mantle, Crust Sample Exam Question: Captain Cook was the first explorer credited with using a chronometer while sailing around the ocean. How did this impact his achievements? a) it kept his crew healthy as they did not get scurvey b) it helped him position himself at sea, thus maintain accurate records of location c) it helped him maintain an accurate heading d) Cook did not sail with a chronometer, Magellen did e) None of the above....
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