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StudyGuide#2 copy - Study Guide #2 (Structure of Earth...

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Study Guide #2 (Structure of Earth – Plate tectonics) FALL 2010---INTRODUCTION TO OCEANOGRAPHY--- GEOL 107 Note: these guides are designed to help you decide what is important to know from the lecture and book material. They may not cover every single topic I might ask about on an exam, but they cover most topics. To study for exams, use this guide, use notes from class, use textbook. -How do we know the core of the earth is solid, the outer core liquid---what important property does this solid-liquid combination bestow upon the planet (A: magnet field)? -Why are there 2 types of crust, which is denser, why? -How do we know the oceans have been around for ~4.1 billion years? Where did ocean water come from? -How does isostacy explain mountains? -Wegener came up with lots of evidence that Pangea, a supercontinent, existed about 250 million years ago, list some of the different lines of evidence---why wasn’t his idea of continental drift accepted? -How do magnetic ‘stripes’ on the ocean crust confirm sea floor spreading?
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StudyGuide#2 copy - Study Guide #2 (Structure of Earth...

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