Question 3 SJ - Mike Yeagley PSC 315 Question 3 The civil...

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Mike Yeagley PSC 315 Question 3 The civil rights movement is a very important movement in this country. Not only did it allow for African-Americans to fight for their rights under the constitution, but the spillover effects from this movement allowed for protests against the Freedom of speech issues on Berkley Campus in California, the draft and the war in Vietnam, but also women’s rights and gay and lesbian rights as well. These battles were all fought with a combination of peaceful marches, “civil disobedience”, and plain old violence. The students of Berkley University felt that their freedoms were being threatened. These students then felt the need to fight to protect their God given rights to free speech. When they formed an actual group, the Berkley staff saw them as a threat and collapsed on them as a whole. Because of this collapse it was difficult to tell who was in charge, the students or the professors. The students took this issue to the senate and had them take a vote on it. The senate backed these student activists up one hundred percent. Because of this outburst from the students, the outside world looked upon this and thought they were insolent brats who only wanted to rebel and needed to learn a lesson. This drew a lot of “nut jobs” to Berkley’s campus because they saw it as a college that was all about parties, sex, drugs and rioting. This caused the campus to become filled with crack heads. This situation was even used for political power. President Regan won his election by vowing to clean up the “ungrateful” Berkley students. This remark was useful to him because the world looked at Berkley and the situation there and thought of them as ungrateful and insolent. Around now a counter culture appears to emerge in San Francisco, the “hippie.” These people
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Question 3 SJ - Mike Yeagley PSC 315 Question 3 The civil...

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