CC101 Midterm Review Terms

CC101 Midterm Review Terms - CC101 Midterm Review Terms...

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CC101 Midterm Review Terms Gilgamesh: Bull of Heaven – A bull that is unleashed on Uruk causing 200 people to be killed. Ishtar sends the bull to Uruk because Gilgamesh refuses to be her husband. Enkidu and Gilgamesh kill the bull. Ninsun – Mother of Gilgamesh. She predicts that Enkidu will be a faithful companion and will not betray Gilgamesh for he does not have a family he is loyal to Uruk – The great city built by Gilgamesh Ishtar – Goddess of war and love, Gilgamesh rejects her proposition and calls her vulgar names. She sends to bull of heaven down to Uruk. Huwawa – Guardian of the Cedar Forest, appointed to guard the forest by Enlil Enlil – God of earth wind and air. He created Huwawa and is angry with Gilgamesh and Enkidu Shamash – The sun god, protects Enkidu and Gilgamesh on their journey. He also defends them in the council of the gods. Shamat – The temple prostitute who seduces Enkidu and leads him away from the wild Ea - The god of fresh water, crafts, and wisdom, a patron of humankind. Ea lives in Apsu, the primal waters below the Earth. Sinduri - The goddess of wine-making and brewing. Siduri is the veiled tavern keeper who comforts Gilgamesh and who, though she knows his quest is futile, helps him on his way to Utnapishtim. Utnapishtim – The savior of humanity, and only human in possession of immortality. Urshanabi – Utnapistim’s boat man. Takes Gilgamesh to Utnapistim. Exodus: Moses - The reluctant savior of Israel in its exodus from Egyptian bondage to the promised land. Moses mediates between God and the people, transforming the Israelites from an oppressed ethnic group into a nation founded on religious laws. Moses' legendary miracles before Pharaoh, along with his doubts and insecurities, make him the great mortal hero of the Old Testament. He is the only man ever to know God “face to face.” Aaron – Moses’ mouth to the Israelites. He is the one who instigates the worship of the
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CC101 Midterm Review Terms - CC101 Midterm Review Terms...

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