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Chapter 4 Discussion Questions - 4 By executing a value...

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Ben Holloway September 28, 2010 2. Give a definition of the value chain: A collection of activities within a firm that contribute to a major organizational output. 3. The value chain is composed of two different types of activities. Give a description and explain the differences. Give examples of each type. The two different types of value chains are supply and demand. The supply side deals with raw materials, inbound logistics, and the production process. The demand side consists of outbound logistics, marketing, and sales. An example of the supply side is when a company needs raw materials to produce more products; they will order the materials, have them delivered, and once the materials have arrived they will be used to produce a product. All of that is known as the supply side of the value chain. An example of the demand side is when the company markets their products to consumers, and once consumers place their orders, they are processed and shipped.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. By executing a value chain analysis a company can try to improve its value cain with the help of information systems. A value chain analysis is composed of five steps: describe and explain these five steps. a. Assess the information intensity of the value chain. This step assesses the level of information within each value chain and between each level of activity. b. Determine the role of information systems in the industry structure. The role of information systems is different in various industry sectors. Ben Holloway September 28, 2010 c. Identify and rank the ways in which information systems might create competitive advantage. Impacting value chain activities or improving linkages between them can achieve this. d. Investigate how information systems might spawn new business. e. Develop a plan for taking advantage of information systems. The company must be business-driven rather than technology-driven. This plan must assign priorities to information systems investments....
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Chapter 4 Discussion Questions - 4 By executing a value...

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