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The Aldehyde Enigma - flakes The 4-chlorobenzyl alcohol MP...

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The Aldehyde Enigma We determined the aqueous layer to be MP 245-253 o C. We carried out the reaction and isolated the products. This reaction was not covered in our organic textbook. Thus, the experiment illustrated a reaction with which they were unfamiliar. We needed to work backwards from the structures of the products to figure out the mechanism of the reaction. For the 4-chlorobenzaldehyde we figured out it was insoluble in room temperature, but soluble to hot water. It is white to off-white crystalline
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Unformatted text preview: flakes. The 4-chlorobenzyl alcohol MP was 70-72 oC with 2.5 g/L at 20 oC, after looking it up in a table. It is also stable, incompatible with acid chlorides, acid anhydrides, acids, and oxidizing agents, combustible. Overall, we did not have any pitfalls and our yield was 80%. One problem why we did not receive higher yield with the transfer of the substances and inaccuracy of mixing the solvents....
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