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310MSp10Exam3PartIFormB - CH 310M/318M MWF 9:0010:00...

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DO ALL QUESTIONS!!! BEST OF LUCK!!! Do not open this exam booklet until you are told to do so ! This exam is closed book, meaning no books, notes, calculators, or molecular models are allowed. All personal belongings (books, notes, calculators, cell phon es, iPOD’s, food and beverages, etc.) must be placed at the front of the room or in the aisle before the exam begins! Answers to the Part I multiple choice questions must be submitted on the “bubble” sheet provided!!! Only answers marked on this bubble sheet will be graded!!! Unless you are taking the exam at an earlier time, you WILL NOT be turning in the portion of the exam that contains the Part I questions!!! For this reason, we CANNOT and WILL NOT grade answers that you mark on the Part I exam question handout itself!!! o You must use a #2 pencil to fill out the bubble sheet. o Please bubble in your “official” name, as it would appear on the course roster. If your entire name does not fit, it is only necessary to fill in the first 13 letters of your last name, and the first 5 letters of your first name. o Please sign your name in the space labeled “Signature”. You do not need to write the unique number. o IMPORTANT!!! Bubble in your UTEID in the “Identification” field to the right of your name. o Please leave the “Birthdate,” “Sex,” “Grade or Educ , ” and “Special Code” fields blank. Part I is not eligible for regrades. Once exams are graded, the answers you submit on the “bubble” sheet and your raw score for Part I will be posted in the Blackboard “My Grade” area . Be prepared to show your valid UT ID card to a proctor if asked during the exam, and also when you turn in your exam. PLEASE DO NOT ASK PROCTORS OR TA’S TO INTERPRET QUESTIONS FOR YOU!!! The goal of the exam is to test your understanding of the important concepts we have discussed thus far. Sufficient information is provided in each question to make it clear exactly what is being asked. READ EVERY QUESTION VERY CAREFULLY!!! You may not leave the exam room for any reason until you turn in your exam. Once you turn in your exam and leave the exam room, you will not be allowed to return!!! When time is called at the end of the exam, all writing (including bubbling of Scantron forms) must stop, and all exams must be turned in immediately. If you do not stop writing and turn in your exam and bubble sheet immediately when time is called, your exam WILL NOT be graded!! Including this cover page, 3 blank pages (scratch paper), and the last page, which contains a periodic table and a table of pK a values, Part I of the exam contains 13 pages. Please feel free to tear off the scratch paper and the periodic table to use as you work through the exam. Use the backs of the pages containing the Part I questions if you need additional scratch paper!!!
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