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Class Notes part 1 - Abortion A Definition of Abortion t he...

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1/27/10 Abortion A. Definition of Abortion : the removal of a fetus (any fertilized egg) in order to terminate pregnancy, the fetus dies a. Confusion about abortion and whether or not the fetus is alive b. Of course the fetus is alive, what does that mean? What kind of life? What kind of alive is it? c. When does pregnancy occur? i. Birth control pill, prevents conception (no fertilized egg), if fails to prevent conception the uterine wall is less accommodative to attachment—conception occurs but fertilized egg cant attach to uterine wall ii. Is that an abortion? Deliberate act? Birth control pill compatible with anti-abortion? 1. Would have been attachment except for the pill d. Where does that put the person pro-birth control but anti abortion? i. Pope says once have an egg its an abortion, anti-birth control pill and morning after pill B. Abortion: Putative Factors (Putative meaning supposed) a. Status of fetus i. Ontological – (def. nature of the being) what sort of thing are you killing? 1. What stage of pregnancy? 2. Status of the fetus, point in development ii. Social-legal 1. How should a fetus be treated? a. Legally fetus is not a person b. Conservatives think need a constitutional amendment to say fetus is a legal person c. In California if you kill a pregnant woman its two murders (violates roe vs. wade) b. Rights of woman i. Rights of woman vs status of the fetus, which outweighs?
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difference, not absolute, can be curtailed at a certain point, but gives a woman, up to a certain point, the right to an abortion iii. Many case, woman’s rights trump the fetus, (fetus is not a person) c. Health of woman i. Texas had one exception, all abortion is punishable (abortionist is punishable) unless the woman’s life was in danger: ruled out abortion ii. What about is the damage the pregnancy would do is not deadly but just alters the health greatly 1. Psychologically 2. Paralysis iii. A woman who is already psychologically damaged and say she cant have an abortion d. State of fetus e. Rights of father i. Is there any? Legally, no ii. Is her decision, not his 1. Woman who is pregnancy, her fetus more than his iii. Spousal consent/information (tell spouse having one) 1. Consent not necessary 2. But now father not even need to be notified a. Father: in jail, unknown, against abortions, etc. iv. Men out of decision but will have to pay v. No alternative that would make the situation any better for the father, nothing to give him f. Conditions of conception – extent to whether the pregnancy is voluntary/involuntary i. If you are raped, that would give you a moral right to have an abortion ii. If you think the fetus is a person, why can you kill it just because it is the product of a rape? 1.
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Class Notes part 1 - Abortion A Definition of Abortion t he...

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