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class notes part 2 - 2/22/10 P relimina ry Remarks More...

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2/22/10 Preliminary Remarks More complicated Lots of types of sex and complications Age of sex What sorts of sexual acts, under what sort of conditions, are morally and/or legally permissible Rape – never ok, his business if someone is getting raped if can do something to stop it o Wrong even to save the human race? Molestation & pedophilia always wrong – statutory rape, o Women less than men? Incest always wrong – taboo, still practiced though, o Oedipus – accidentally marries his mother, o Genetic testing? before marrying someone to prevent incest problems o Morally allowed to continue a relationship after finding out its incest (didn’t know before)? o What makes incest wrong? o Example: Brother and sister jailed for having kids together, o Many think incest ban is due to biological problems that arise, he says not always the case, Conventional Sexual Morality – most conservative view A. Definition 1: morally permissible in marriages only a. In order to have morally permissible sex, must be married, if sex outside of- wrong B. Definition 2: definition 1, plus exclusion of non-procreative sex a. Even if you are married, you can only have procreative sex, only have sex that could result in children (no protected sex) C. These rules out oral, anal, masturbation, homosexuality, infidelity, etc. a. Why? Arguments for Conventional Sexual Morality A. The naïve religious argument – problems a. Homosexuality example: Argument says ‘its wrong to be gay because god says so,’ some people will say ‘I know it, because
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it says so in the bible’ (mentions male homosexuality only in bible, women at same level?) i. Bible commands no homosexuality, if you find out a man is gay, must stone him ii. Jesus doesn’t say anything against it iii. Why does god say this? ‘It’s wrong because god says so it arbitrary 1. Could change it tomorrow if he wanted, bc its just arbitrary B. The “natural ends” argument – problems a. St. Thomas Aquinas, one principle from Aristotle i. Aristotle believed everything in nature had a purpose in its action (not god’s purpose, but a purpose of its own- instinctual maybe) 1. Primary purpose of sexuality is procreation ii. Wrong to interfere to stop the natural ends or process iii. Any sex that is not procreative is wrong iv. Woman is weak, cant be expect to defend herself when she’s pregnant; once you have sex with a woman you are committed to that woman, must be married bc it’s a commitment; should announce this publicly and make it common knowledge, (announced by the church) 2/24/10 C. The utilitarian argument – problems a. Primary purpose comparison i. Sex organs analogous to the heart ii. Prefer to compare to the mouth b. “Natural”? c.
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class notes part 2 - 2/22/10 P relimina ry Remarks More...

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