Philosophy Test One Review

Philosophy Test One Review - P hilosophy Test One Review...

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Philosophy Test One Review Pope John Paul I I What is the role the status of the fetus plays? o Person from the moment of conception o Completely helpless and innocent, abortion would be murder o Totally entrusted to mother o No exceptions “Can never justify the deliberate killing of an innocent human being” No matter of rape, health of mother, standard of living, other family members, o “It would never be made human is it were not human already.” Mary Anne Warren What is Mary Anne Warren’s criticism of the traditional conservative argument against abortion? o The traditional conservative argument is : 1 It is wrong to kill an innocent human being; 2 a fetus is an innocent human being; therefore it is wrong to kill a fetus She says, commits fallacy of ambiguity/question begging o She differentiates between genetically human and morally human o Argument doesn’t work because initially assumes fetus is morally human and then assumes fetus is genetically human so incomparable Lecturer’s criticism of Mary Anne Warren / problems she faces: o Too strong o Do whatever necessary to relieve the burden, not always the case: not morally right to kill something once you have made a commitment to it o Should there be a time line? o Infanticide issue Adoption? Once you are born, you are a citizen and you have rights Depriving someone who would adopt your baby o Potential person Potentials of mother outweigh potentials of fetus Dog more like person, fetus more like fish Animals more similar to adult humans than 1 month old? o Emotional response of 3 rd trimester abortions What is the role the status of the fetus plays? o Genetically human but not morally human o Traits for “personhood” Consciousness, feel pain Reasoning, solving problems Self-motivated activity (independent of instincts) Communicate, Self-awareness o 1 & 2 (sometimes 3) sufficient, necessary, o Satisfies none = not person / satisfies all = definitely a person
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Only person has full moral rights What is her position regarding the moral permissibility of abortion, how does she argue for it? o
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Philosophy Test One Review - P hilosophy Test One Review...

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