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Which wouldyouexpecttopredominateandwhy

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Unformatted text preview: rbocation: (a) (b) Practice Problem 6‐12 – Answer Draw the possible products resulting from addition of 1 equivalent of HCl to 1‐phenyl‐1,3‐butadiene. Which would you expect to predominate, and why? The major product arises from the more stable possible carbocation. It is a 1,2‐adduct, so it forms fastest. It is also the thermodynamic product, because the alkene pi bond is in conjugation with the π electrons of the aromatic ring. Practice Problem 6‐13 – Answer Which product(s) would you expect to obtain from reaction of 1,3‐cyclohexadiene with each of the following? (a) 1 mol Br2 (b) 1 mol HCl (c) 1 mol DCl...
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