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burgin (lcb626) – Post-lab 4 – anderson – (53245) 1 This print-out should have 5 questions. Multiple-choice questions may continue on the next column or page – fnd all choices beFore answering. 001 4.0 points Calculate the amount oF KHP in grams that is required to completely neutralize 18.95 ml oF 0.840 M potassium hydroxide. 002 4.0 points Calculate the volume oF 1.24 M sulFuric acid in milliliters that is required to completely neutralize 40.00 ml oF 1.60 M sodium hydrox- ide. Answer in units oF mL. 003 4.0 points Calculate the amount oF calcium hydroxide in grams that is required to neutralize 2.00 L oF 0.420 M phosphoric acid. Show your work. Support your answer by providing the corresponding chemical equation.
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Unformatted text preview: Answer in units oF grams. 004 4.0 points A 10.0 ml sample oF nitric acid solution is titrated with a 0.375 M barium hydroxide until the end point. Based on the titration data, the concentration oF nitric acid is deter-mined to be 1.927 M. Calculate the volume in milliliters oF barium hydroxide used in this titration. Answer in units oF mL. 005 4.0 points A 25.0 ml sample oF 0.850 M phosphoric acid is diluted with 55.0 ml oF deionized water and then completely neutralized with 29.40 ml oF sodium hydroxide. What is the concentration oF the sodium hydroxide solution used in this neutralization reaction? Answer in units oF M....
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