lab 2 - Aisha Ahmad MGMT 301-312 Lab 2 1a The first...

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Aisha Ahmad MGMT 301-312 Lab # 2 1a. The first employee, Kate, is good at what she does but getting along with other team members is being difficult for her. This attitude reflects the customer service she provides. As a manager, I have to address the customers’ complaints to her so she is aware of her actions. It is very important to have good communication skills when giving feedback, right time, right place, and right choice of words are important. I have to choose my words in a way that she won’t feel bad and at the same time I have to be descriptive and detailed. I will start my feedback to Kate by saying, “I have noticed some ghastly customer comments about the way you serve them and also the way you behave with your coworkers. We have to work as a team and in a friendly environment. If you have an issue with your peers you can come and let me know. Can you tell me how you behavior have an impact on company’s reputations over all?” Based on her answer, I will tell her about the next step which will be to collaborate to come up with ideas for improvement. I will offer suggestions that I think would be helpful for her and also ask her what she wants to do in order to improve. This way, Kate will have some involvement in coming up with a decision and a commitment for improvement. In this case we will come up with an action plan, according to the company’s policy. Also will request an observation evaluation time, during this time will evaluate how she is doing. In that period of time if we don’t receive any customer complaint, Kate will be rewarded and if the behavior is constant then further action will be taken like, send her to training to improve customer service skills.
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lab 2 - Aisha Ahmad MGMT 301-312 Lab 2 1a The first...

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