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ANTH1200 Test Study - Who are the Zapatistas? o Army of liberation, indigenous mayan people, Mexico, Jan. 1, 1994, mexico had a lot of raw material, Read more on WIKI - World Systems Theory o Know definition from WIKI o Power relations, blanace needs of different people - What are 4 NeoLiberalistic Ideals? o Marketization, privatization, deregulation, individualization - Individualization o Everyone responsible for themselves, everyone proper on their own - Deregulation o Min wage, safety, work age, business taxes (tariffs) - What happened to the !Kung after 1960’s? o Settled in one spot, loss of land because of white ppl, spread of disease, work for white ppl to buy products from now instead of trading/bartering, jobs in agriculture, apartheid in south aftrica: so they’d join the army to do a revolution - Egalitarian o Men and women equal in society, no class structure, power is a temporary position, change in laws structure later on - Why did the residents say they didn’t leave flammable even though they were
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