Bio188 Exam 2

Bio188 exam 2

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Unformatted text preview: BIO 188 EXAM II Version A 1. Which mutation(s) in the DNA involve(s) substituting the wrong amino acid in the protein? A) nonsense muation B) sense mutation C) silent mutation @ missense mutation E) AandB 2. When a molecule loses electrons, it becomes A) reduced B) hydrolyzed @ oxidized D) hydrogenated E) redoxed 3. RNA polymerase directs: A) DNA synthesis by transcription of DNA message B) mRNA synthesis by translation of DNA message mRNA synthesis by transcription of DNA message D) DNA synthesis by translation of DNA message E) tRNA synthesis by translation ofmRNA message © 4. In photosynthesis cyclic electron transport produces only ATP. QjS True B) False 5. Defects in DNA repair can increase cancer risk. @ True B) False 6. In cell metabolism the site of oxygen utilization is the A) nucleus B) chloroplast Q endoplasmic reticulum @ mitochondrion E) cytosol Page 1 7. Semiconservative replication of DNA involves each of the original strands acting as a template for a new strand. ID only one of the original strands acting as a template for a new strand. © the complete separation of the original strands, the synthesis of new strands, and the reassembly of double-stranded molecules. D) the use of fragments ofthe original double-stranded molecule as a template. E) None of the above ® 8. How many ATP molecules are made by the complete oxidation of one molecule of glucose? A) 2 B) C) D) 4 20 36 38 ®> 9. In aereobic metabolism which of the following donates electrons to the respiratory (electron transport) chain? @ FADH2 B) 02 C) C02 D) FAD E) ATP 10. Some photosynthetic plants switch from non-cyclic electron transport to cyclic electron . transport when A) too much ATP is produced B) too much 02 is available C) NADPH is in excess W there is a limited supply of C02 ~ CandD 11....
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