Bio188 Exam 2

Rubisco is an enzyme that a oxidizes glucose b is

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Unformatted text preview: Rubisco is an enzyme that A) oxidizes glucose B) is required for the light reactions of photosynthesis C) is part of fermentation ~ catalyzes the reaction to fix C02 E) is part of the citric acid cycle Page 2 12. Which of the following IS NOT TRUE of sister chromatids? A) They arise by replication during S phase. B) They segregate from each other during each mitotic anaphase. @ They segregate from each other during meiosis 1. D) They usually contain identical versions of the same genetic information in mitotic division E) They are joined during prophase and metaphase at their common centromere. 13. Where does the energy come from to power ATP synthase in the respiratory chain? A) ATP made during glycolysis B) reduction of FAD C) ATP made in the citric acid cycle Dj oxidation ofFADH2 <E» proton gradient across the inner mitochondrial membrane 14. During interphase, chromosomes are wrapped around proteins called: A) microtubules B) chromatids C) actin @ histones E) myosm 15. When a stop codon reaches the A site on the ribosome A) the newly synthesized protein is released B) the ribosome disassembles C) the last amino acid is added to the protein AandB E) B andC aD 16. Reduction of FAD occurs during the citric acid cycle B) electron transport C) glycolysis D) fermentation E) pyruvate oxidation ® 17. Direct transduction involves second messengers. ~ True lID) False Page 3 I t I I I I , 18. One type of signal receptor is a gated ion channel. @ True B) False 19. At the end of mitosis, each daughter cell A) has twice the DNA and half the cytoplasm of the parent cell B) has halfthe cytoplasm and twice the amount of DNA as the parent cell C) has half the DNA and half the cytoplasm of the parent cell @ is genetically identical to the parent cell E) is genetically nonidentical to the parent cell 20. A m...
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