Bio188 Exam 2

Spliceosomes a remove centromeres b remove exons and

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Unformatted text preview: osomes A) remove centromeres B) remove exons and join togetherintrons • remove telomeres remove introns and join together exons E) activate introns ® 25. The number of codons that SPECIFY amino acids is A) 3 B) 23 C) 60 (Qj) 61 E) 64 Page 5 26. Most of the glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate (G3P) produced in the Calvin-Benson A) ends up as stored starch in the choloroplastis B) is converted to sugar (e.g. sucrose) for use in other organs @ is used to regenerate rubulose biphosphate (RuBP) D) is broken down to regenerate C02 E) converted to rubisco (RuBP carboxylase) 27. Redundancy in the genetic code means A) two or more amino acids are coded for by the same codon B) a codon is a group of three amino acids C) an amino acid is coded for by a group of three codons @ two or more codons code for the same amino acid E) none of the above 28. Which one of the following IS NOT found in DNA? A) carbon B) oxygen C) nitrogen ~ hydrogen @ sulfur . 29. Anti-codons are found in: A) B) © D) E) mRNA rRNA tRNA snRNA all of the above 30. The strands that make up DNA are antiparallel. This means that A) one strand is positively charged and the other is negatively charged. B) the base pairings create unequal spacing between the two DNA strands. ©> the 5' to 3' direction of one strand is opposite to the 5' to 3' direction ofthe other strand. D) the twisting of the DNA molecule has shifted the two strands. E) purines bond with purines and pyrimidines bond with pyrimidines. 31. If the haploid number of chromosomes in a gamete is 7, the number of chromatids at metaphase I of meiosis is 28. True B) False ®> Page 6 32. An mRNA transcript can be translated only one section at a time. A) True @)i False 33. T...
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