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HOL 1000: CHOICES IN LIVING Syllabus Fall 2010 COURSE RATIONALE: This course is designed for undergraduate students in all majors and is especially valuable for students interested in health and human services. In order to fully participate in today’s society students need to be informed about the relationship between individual choices, social responsibilities, and optimal human functioning. The college years are a particularly important time for establishing healthy habits. COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course will focus on personal health from a holistic perspective. In depth attention will be given to the relationship between the body, mind, spirit, environment, and community and how these dimensions interact and impact health and well-being. Particular focus will be given to research on the health benefits of cultivating happiness, gratitude, and compassion. Students will have an opportunity to hear from various professionals in the community, practicing holistic health modalities. LEARNING OUTCOMES: 1. Students will be able to articulate the theoretical foundations of holistic approaches to health 2. Students will be able to identify areas in their own life that are positively and negatively impacting their health and formulate a holistic behavior change plan. 3. Students will be able to summarize current research trends in holistic health. 4. Students will be able to recognize and articulate the value of various holistic health modalities and coping strategies and apply these to their personal and professional life. 5. Students will be able to use critical thinking skills to evaluate and critique current approaches to health, both personal and social. Course Credit: This course is worth three (3) undergraduate general education credit hours. This course is also part of a prerequisite for a minor in Holistic Health. During the semester, students will have the opportunity to formally evaluate the course content and the instructor. Course Format: This course will include lecture, guest speakers, audio-visual presentations, class discussion, and various experiential exercises. COURSE MATERIALS: 1) Teague, M.L. Mackenzie, S.L.C., Rosenthal. D.M. 2 nd edition. Your health today: Choices in a changing society. McGraw Hill, New York, NY. 2) Online version: Brown, C. (2007). Wellness Assessment: A tool for personal growth. The Rinehart Institute. 3) iClicker remote technology.
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Accommodations for Students with Disabilities: Any student with a documented disability (e.g. physical, learning, psychiatric, vision, hearing, etc.) who needs to arrange reasonable accommodations must contact the professor and/or Disabled Student Resources and Services at the beginning of the semester. Contacting your professor or TA:
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HOL1000 Syllabus - HOL 1000 CHOICES IN LIVING Syllabus Fall...

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