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Arizona State University Fall 2008 College of Liberal Arts Tempe Campus SOC 101: Introductory Sociology (SLN #77964) Murdock Lecture Hall #201 Jennifer Brougham, MSW, Faculty Instructor Social Science Building: 213A Office hours: By appointment. Open Office hours will be announced on blackboard by the third week of class. Email: [email protected] (Please mark SOC 101 on the subject line, as I will not open any emails that I do not recognize) Emails must be sent to the attention of my TA and myself so both of us have the information. This will mean a much quicker response to your questions/concerns/comments. TA: Bethany Schnack Email: [email protected] (please mark SOC 101 on subject line, as I will not open emails that I do not recognize) Office Hours: By Appointment Required Textbook: Henslin, J. (2009). Sociology: A Down-to-Earth Approach, Core Concepts (3 rd Edition). Outside Readings may be assigned throughout the semester. Course Objectives Students will: 1. Become knowledgeable about key theories and theorists within sociology 2. Learn how research methods are applied to sociology 3. Become familiar with key characteristics of definitions within sociology 4. Become familiar with globalization 5. Become familiar with various cultures 6. Apply concepts presented in class to student’s ability to critically think, problem solve and widen their view of the world and society. The blackboard system will be used to post lecture notes and grade. All lecture notes will be posted under documents. To access the blackboard system, it is required that you are able to access this site. You must have an ASURITE USER ID and password. If you do not have an ASURITE ID, you will need to contact http://www.asu.edu/it/fyi/accounts/
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Total Points possible: 100 points for this course which will be earned through class participation, exams, written assignments and field observations. Print out lecture notes from blackboard prior to coming to class when appropriate. Important announcements, assignment instructions, changes within schedule/syllabus and grades will be posted on blackboard. It is each student’s responsibility to check blackboard daily for updates. You will be responsible for any changes that are made. Student Accommodations 1. Any student who may have a special learning need, please see me immediately. If using DRC, please bring me the appropriate paperwork. 2. Students involved in university-sanctioned sports/activities who may miss a class, please let me know within the first class. It is necessary for me to have the official travel schedule and, then we can have a discussion of how the missed work will be made up. Note:
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FALL_08_COURSE_SYLLABUS_SOC_101 Final - Arizona State...

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