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Learning objectives - Ch 7

Learning objectives - Ch 7 - PGS 101 Szeli Chapter 7 Memory...

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PGS 101 – Szeli Chapter 7 – Memory OBJECTIVE 7.1 — Define memory; explain the three processes of memory—encoding, storage, and retrieval; and list the three stages of memory—sensory, short-term, and long-term. OBJECTIVE 7.2 — Describe sensory memory, including icons and echoes and how information is transferred from sensory memory to short-term memory. OBJECTIVE 7.3 — Describe short-term memory, including its capacity, how information is encoded, the permanence of short-term memory and its susceptibility to interference, and the concept of working memory. OBJECTIVE 7.4 — Describe long-term memory in terms of permanence, capacity and the basis on which information is stored; define dual memory; and explain how one’s culture affects memory. OBJECTIVE 7.5 — Explain the “magic number” seven; describe chunking; and explain how the two types of rehearsal affect memory. OBJECTIVE 7.6 — Discuss the permanence of memory, including the work of Penfield and the Loftuses;
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