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Learning objectives - Ch 8 - PGS101 Szeli OBJECTIVE 8.1...

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PGS101 – Szeli Chapter 8 – Intelligence OBJECTIVE 8.1 — Describe what it means to be a savant. OBJECTIVE 8.2 — Describe Binet’s role in intelligence testing; give a general definition of intelligence; and explain the g-factor , what an operational definition of intelligence is, and how other cultures view intelligence. OBJECTIVE 8.3 — Describe the development of the original Stanford-Binet and the five cognitive factors measured by the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales, Fifth Edition (SB5). OBJECTIVE 8.4 — Define mental age and chronological age; use examples to show how they are used to compute an intelligence quotient (IQ); differentiate between this IQ (MA/CA x 100) and deviation IQs; and explain how percentiles are interpreted. OBJECTIVE 8.5 — Distinguish the Wechsler tests from the Stanford-Binet tests and between group and individual tests; and describe the distribution of IQ scores observed in the general population. OBJECTIVE 8.6 — Differentiate between the terms gifted and genius; describe Terman’s study of his gifted subjects, including how the successful ones differed from the less successful ones as adults; and explain how gifted children are identified. OBJECTIVE 8.7 — Define mental retardation (developmental disabiled) and state the dividing line
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Learning objectives - Ch 8 - PGS101 Szeli OBJECTIVE 8.1...

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