Learning Objectives - Ch. 13

Learning Objectives - Ch. 13 - PGS 101 Szeli Chapter 13 :...

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PGS 101 – Szeli Chapter 13 : Therapies OBJECTIVE 13.1 — Define psychotherapy ; describe the following aspects of various therapies: a. individual therapy; b. group therapy; c. insight therapy; d. action therapy; e. directive therapy; f. non-directive therapy ; g. time-limited therapy; h. supportive therapy; and i. positive therapy; discuss what a person can expect the outcomes of therapy to be; and list the elements of positive mental health. OBJECTIVE 13.2 — Briefly describe the history of the treatment of psychological problems, including trepanning, demonology, exorcism, ergotism, and the work of Philippe Pinel. OBJECTIVE 13.3 — Discuss the development of psychoanalysis and its four basic techniques: a. free association; b. dream analysis, including the terms latent content, manifest content , and dream symbols ; c. analysis of resistance; and d. transference; and discuss the brief psychodyanamic therapy used today and why it took the place of traditional psychoanalysis, including the concept of spontaneous remissions . OBJECTIVE 13.4 — Explain how the insight therapy of humanistic approaches differs from insight gained through traditional psychoanalysis; and describe the core features of the following humanistic approaches and compare them to each other: a. Rogers’ client-centered therapy ; b. existential therapy; and c. Perls’ Gestalt therapy . OBJECTIVE 13.5 — Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of media (TV and talk-radio)
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Learning Objectives - Ch. 13 - PGS 101 Szeli Chapter 13 :...

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