Learning Objectives - Ch. 14

Learning Objectives - Ch. 14 - PGS 101 Szeli Chapter 13 :...

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PGS 101 – Szeli Chapter 13 : Social Psychology OBJECTIVE 14.1 — Define social psychology ; discuss our need to afflilate, including a description of Schachter’s classic experiment on affliliation; and describe the social comparison theory, including how meaningful evaluations take place. OBJECTIVE 14.2 — Define interpersonal attraction; describe the following factors that influence interpersonal attraction: a. physical proximity; b. physical attractiveness, including the halo effect; c. competence; and d. similarity, including homogamy; and discuss the effects of varying degrees of self-disclosure on interpersonal relationships. OBJECTIVE 14.3 — Discuss Rubin’s studies of romantic love, including the differences between loving and liking, the differences between male and female friendships, and the concept of mutual absorption ; and describe the field of evolutionary psychology and how this field of study explains the different mate selection preferences of males and females. OBJECTIVE 14.4 — Discuss the following dimensions of being in a social group: a. social roles, including ascribed roles, achieved roles, and role conflict; b. group structure; c. group cohesivenss, d. in-groups and out- groups; e. status; and f. group norms. OBJECTIVE 14.5 — Discuss the process of attribution, including the difference between external and internal causes; explain the fundamental attibution error and the actor-observer bias; and describe gender differences in attributing success. OBJECTIVE 14.6 — Define social influence and explain the different kinds of social influence; describe Asch’s experiment on conformity; explain how groupthink may contribute to poor decision-making and list ways to prevent it ; and describe how the following factors affect conformity: a. group sanctions, b. the importance of the
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Learning Objectives - Ch. 14 - PGS 101 Szeli Chapter 13 :...

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