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FINAL SECTION OF STUDY GUIDE FOR EXAM #2 (FINAL EXAM) THURSDAY, 5.7.09 12:10 P.M. SHARP* IN OUR CLASSROOM THIS IS THE FINAL EXAM PERIOD SCHEDULED BY THE UNIVERSITY FOR T/T 3:00-4:15 CLASSES. NOTE THE START TIME, WHICH IS DIFFERENT FROM OUR REGULAR CLASS TIME. YOU CAN ADD THIS SECTION TO THE PRELIMINARY STUDY GUIDE (THOUGH MYTH/RX #10), WHICH WAS POSTED LAST WEEK. MYTH/Rx #11 SLR/CHAPTER 17 • What is the relationship of ancient myth to celebrity worship in our current mass culture? • According to Fraser and Brown, what are the key differences among celebrities, heroes, and role models? • Before the electronic age, from what occupations did heroes emerge? • How does the 2003 Realistic Romance® Award™ winner Nurse Betty satirize Myth #11? • How does the 2005 Realistic Romance® Award™ winner Win a Date with Tad Hamilton (a clip from which was shown in class) satirize Myth #11 and, therefore, suggest the Rx? • How did the Myth/Rx #11 class sessions (both online and in-class) characterize the psychology underlying the “Culture of Celebrity”—and what are some of the dangerous consequences of believing in Myth #11? What have some critics noted about the relationship of acting talent and celebrity worship?
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This note was uploaded on 10/25/2010 for the course MCO 473 taught by Professor Galician during the Fall '08 term at ASU.

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MCO473-Spring2009-LastPart-Final ExamStudyGuide (1) -...

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