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11/8/2007 1 Recipe for Home-Made Biodiesel Ingredients: 1. Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO): used cooking oil, fryer grease, animal fats, and lard. 2. Methanol (CH 3 OH): 99 % + pure 3. Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH): must be dry 4. Isopropyl Alcohol [(CH 3 ) 2 CHOH]: 99 % + pure 5. Distilled Water 6. Phenolphthalein Solution Recipe for Home-Made Biodiesel Procedure 1. Filter WVO to remove any food scraps or solid particles. i. May need to be warmed to get WVO running freely, 95 o C 2. Removing the water (optional) i. Heat the oil to 100 o C with stirring to avoid splattering. 3. Titration i. To determine the correct amount of sodium hydroxide to be used
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