Bio Exam Final Topics

Bio Exam Final Topics - Renal system Know everything about...

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Renal system: Know everything about ADH, aldosterone Collecting ducts Angiotessin and renin Relationship of kidney and circulation Kidney functions Bohmans Capsule Loop of Henley Tubular reabsorption Water and ion absorption and what hormones Erythropoietin that stimulates RBC production when oxygen is low Combuluted Tubules in kidney Know how ions are carried back and forth from interstitial fluid to the filtrate (how blood is filtered, ions and concentration gradient) Know what the filtrate is composed of (h20, na, k, etc.) What’s difference between the blood and the filtrate? (no blood cells in the filtrate) Respiratory system: Surfactant made by type II avuoli Avuole microfages consume microbs and dust particles Diffusion rates – partial pressure gradients and increased surface area Internal and external respiration Diaphragm contractions Pulmonary ventilations (inhalation and exhalation) Pressure in cavities Intercostals muscles Feedback stimulus of breathing is the level of CO2 in the blood Breathing medulla Alveoli equalizer pressure Reproductive System: Meiosis and mitosis works for sperm and eggs Hormone control
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Bio Exam Final Topics - Renal system Know everything about...

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