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FDR1st100Days - Time line 1932'uly 2 Roosevelt flies to...

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Unformatted text preview: Time line 1932 _]-'uly 2: Roosevelt flies to the Democratic National Convention in Chicago from Albany to deliver his acceptance speech in PEISCII}. ' November 8: FDR and the Democrats win the election by a land- slide. Democrats take control of both houses of Congress. November 22: Hoover meets FDR at the White House to discuss European debt repayment. December 1?: Hoover sends a telegram to FDR about the World Economic Conference. I 933 January 23: Homer meets with FDR again about debt repayment. 9Q February 14: The governor of Michigan declares a bank holiday. February 15: FDR survives an assassination attempt in Miami. February 13: Hoover’s handwritten letter is delivered to FDR ask- ing Roosevelt to cornmit to sound currency and a balanced - budget. - - of March 4: The governors of Illinois and New York shut their banks. FDR is inaugurated the 32nd president of the United States. fi-March 5: FDR issues a proclamation declaring a four-day bank 2: TIME LINE hflllddy throughout the nation efi'ective March 5, and sum- mons Congress to a special session for March 9. March 3: FDR conducts his first presidential press conference. - March 9: Congress passes the Emergency Bathing Act. March 12: FDR gives his first “fireside chat.” 3% March 13: Congress passes the Economy Act and amends the Volstead Act to legalize beer. March 31: Congress passes the act establishing the Civilian Commation Corps {CBC}. *April 19: FDR. takes the nation oil" the gold standard. Ma},r 12: Congress passes the Federal Emergency Relief Act, and Roosevelt signs the Agficultural Adjustment Act. l'siayr 13: Congress establishes the Tennessee Valley Authority {'I'VA). May 2?: Congress passes the Securities Act. June E: Congress passes the National Employment System Act. June 13: Congress passes the Home Owners Refinancing Act. gejune 16: Congress passes the National Industrial RecowryAct es- tablishing the Public Works Administration (PWA) and the National Recovery Administration {NRA}. Rooswek also signs the Farm Credit Act, the Banking Act (which estab- lishes FDIC}, and the Railroad Coordination Act. july 3: FDR sends his bombshell message to the World Economic Conference in London. '0. ...
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FDR1st100Days - Time line 1932'uly 2 Roosevelt flies to...

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