bio188_test 2 questions + answers (how well do you really know them)

Bio188_test 2 questions + answers (how well do you really know them)

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Sheet1 Page 1 At the end of mitosis, each daughter cell: A) has twice the DNA, and half the cytoplasm of the parent cell B Which of the following is a post-transcriptional modification of mRNA: A) 3 dimensional folding of mRNA B DNA replication occurs: A) during both mitosis and meiosis B) only during mitosis C) only during meiosis D Transcription is the process of: A) synthesizing a DNA molecule from RNA template B) assembling ribonu Spliceosomes: A) remove introns and join together exons B) remove exons and join together introns C) re The synthesis of complementary strand of DNA from the leading strand of the template DNA during DNA s A reducing agent donates electrons: A) True B) False,"A) True" In analyzing the number of different bases in a DNA sample, which result would be consistent with base p Which of the following is not true of a codon: A) it consists of three nucelotides B) it may code for the sam The four haploid nuclei found at the end of meiosis differ from one another in their genetic composition. So Sickle-cell disease is caused by a ______ mutation: A) nonsense B) silent C) frameshift D) translocation E Pyruvate is the product of: A) Calvin-Benson cycle B) glycolysis C) citric acid cycle D) electron transport E How many ATP molecules are generated by the complete metabolic breakdown of a glucose molecule: A)
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