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CHM116 Individual Lab report - Charles Samuel CHM116 Lab...

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CHM116 Lab Thurs 3-4:50pm 4/7/10 Group #5 Investigation 48: How are Cations Identified? Introduction: In this lab, “How are cations identified?” there are many concepts that have been researched along with two major objectives. Some of these concepts are qualitative analysis, solubility rules, and precipitation reactions. Qualitative analysis is a way of separating and detecting cations in a solution. The solubility rules refer to how the ions, when mixed together, come to form a precipitate. Solubility rules also help with the qualitative analysis. It also refers to how the concentration of these ions affects the precipitate they form and the solubility product. Temperature, whether being endothermic or exothermic, also affects solubility. Also, if the ions are in gas form, pressure will affect them, and whether they are polar or non-polar too. Precipitation reactions help indicate the solubility rules and help identify the cations that are in the solution. The objectives of this lab are to use a flow chart to determine which cation was in our solution by performing experiments with different known solutes and solvents, then to take that information to perform another experiment with unknown solutes/solvents. Though determining the solubility of the ions and the solubility rules, it will help to figure out the objectives. Reactions that happened were more noticeable when a precipitate was formed. Procedure:
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CHM116 Individual Lab report - Charles Samuel CHM116 Lab...

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