Addicted [U got me] Lyrics

Addicted [U got me] Lyrics - Oh baby dis is a fun song...

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Addicted [U Got Me] Verse 1: Oh boi here we go I just like how u go with tha flow Whenever we chill at the club Everyone is starin at us How hot so fresh we are And the jealousy dat we bring Baby I love when u buy me a drink And when ur lookin at me And I love it when u make me happy Tell the DJ to put our fave song And we gunna party all night long Bridge: Baby I want u Cause u make me do things that u want me to do Oh boy u got no clue That u got me Chorus: Addicted [To you babeh] Boi ur love is so intoxicated U get me so high with ur love It’s like a drug that never wants to leave Oh baby cant u see U got me Addicted to your love Oh oh oh Ur love ur love So addicted Verse 2: Now da beat is strong
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Unformatted text preview: Oh baby dis is a fun song Don’t u know that ur my fantasy And dat u r my extacy U should know how crazy I am about you Babyboy its true That im in luv with u And knowin u aint gonna break my heart No one can tear us apart Cause u got me so addicted to you And don’t you know that Bridge Chorus [2x] A-D-D-I-C-T-E-D U feelin’ me? Now listen up U got me where u want me to be So addicted to you The things we do Now dat da beat got everyone dancin Every part is ours and we keep on doin things And u should know Dat ur my drug that gets me addicted To you Chorus [5x] Addicted [to you] Never want to leave Cause u know u got me Addicted...
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Addicted [U got me] Lyrics - Oh baby dis is a fun song...

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